Enjoy a bath in a natural environment,
opening wide onto the vast garden.

Hot-spring properties & Benefits

Hot-spring properties simple hot spring, simple alkaline spring, low temperature spring
Hot-spring temperature 29℃
Hot-spring amount 140L/min
PH value 8.29
Benefits Neuralgia,Fatigue recovery, etc.
A bathtub Reheating, Circulation filtration formula
Hours Guests may bathing at the inn all 24 hours of the day

The inn has two baths—one an open-air bath—which switch between male and female use every hour from 4:00 to 7:00 pm. At other times, you can use the baths in privacy as many times as you like. Guests are free to enter any unoccupied bath, hang out the “Occupied” sign, and lock the door to bath in peace and privacy.